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Contractual Relationship

Delvricabs  A Company With its Registered Office Malta In Feb 2022. Delvricabs Is Defined As (“Delvricabs”, “We”, “Us” Or “Our”), And By Which Expression Includes Delvricabs’s Relevant Legal Representatives, Administrators, Successors-In-Interest, Permitted Assigns And Affiliates (“Affiliates”).
These Terms Of Service Form A Legally Binding Contract (The “Agreement”) With You and Your Local Delvricabscabs Entity.
This Agreement governs your use of the Delvricabs Application website, Call Centre And Technology Platform (Collectively referred to as the “Delvricabs Platform”). In general, the right to Use The Delvricabs Platform is licensed by Delvricabs to its Relevant Affiliates and The Relevant Affiliate in the jurisdiction you reside in grants You With The Right to access and use the Delvricabs Platform in Your Jurisdiction.
Read this Agreement carefully prior to logging in or using the DELVRICABS PLATFORM. If you do not wish to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, you may not use or access the PLATFORM FOR DELVRICABS.
Your use and access to Your Use Of The Delvricabs Platform constitutes your agreement to be bound by this agreement, which creates A Contractual Relationship between You and Delvricabs. Delvricabs may immediately terminate This Agreement with respect to You, or Generally Stop the provision of or deny access to the Delvricabs Platform, or any portion thereof at any time, for any reason and without notice.
Supplemental Terms Could Apply to certain services (As described below) Like Policies for a specific event and Loyalty Program, Event or Promotion. Additional Terms will be disclosed to you in connection with the Services that are applicable. Supplemental Terms are in addition to, and will be Considered Part of This Agreement for the Use of the Services. The Supplemental Terms will prevail over This Agreement in the event of a conflict with respect to The Services In Question.
Delvricabs may amend this Agreement from Time to Time. Changes will become effective on Delvricabs’s publication of an Updated Agreement on this Site or the amended policies or Additional Terms On The Applicable Service. Your continued use or access of the Delvricabs Platform following such Posting Identifies Your Consent to be bound by this Agreement, as amended.
The Collection and Use of Personal Information in Connection with the Delvricabs Platform Is described in Delvricabs’s Privacy Policies. Delvricabs could provide A Claims Processor or an Insurer any necessary information (Including your contact information) In the Event of A Conflict, Complaint or Conflict, That Could Be A Mishap, which involves You and A Service Provider from a Third Party, and This Information or Data Is required to resolve the complaint or Conflict.

It is the Delvricabs Platform

The Delvricabscabs Platform Is A Digital Network that functions as A Marketplace in which people (“Users”) who are looking for Personal Transportation Services, And/Or Logistics Services (“Services”) Are matched with people including Captains )”Captains”) who can provide the Services. Every User Must Create A User Account that grants access to the Apni Platform. Any decision made by a User to Use or Accept Services is a Decision that is made by the user’s own discretion. Every service provided by a Captain or other Third Party Provider to a User will be a separate agreement between the Provider and the User.

Contents posted on the Delvricabs Platform are Not intended to be considered as advice on the basis of which reliance should be placed. We therefore disclaim any liability and liability arising from any Reliance placed on such materials by any person who visits the Delvricabs platform, or Any Person Who Is aware of any of its Contents.
We strive to update the Delvricabs Platform Frequently. We may alter the Content at any time. If a need arises we may suspend access to the Delvricabs Platform as well as the Services, or even shut them down permanently. All of the information on the Delvricabs Platform or The Services could be out of date at any time We are Under no obligation to update such Content.

You acknowledge that neither DELVRICABS OR ITS AFFILIATES provide TRANSPORTATION, GOODS or LOGISTICS SERVICES as a TRANSPORTATION, GOODS or LOGISTICS CARRIER, TRANSPORTATION OR GOODS SERVICE Provider, or own any vehicles for transport, goods or LOGISTICS, and that all services are provided by independent third party contractors who are not employed by DELVRICABS or any of its affiliates.
If You Are In Compliance With This Agreement In Relation To Your Compliance With This Agreement, Delvricabs Gives you A Limitation, Not-Exclusive Non-Sub-Licensable Revocable, Nontransferrable License to:

  • Access And Utilize DelvricabsPlatform on Your Personal Device Exclusively in connection with Your use of the Delvricabs Platform;

 Access and Use any information, content and Related Materials made available through the Delvricabs Platform, in each case, only for your personal and non-commercial usage. Any rights not explicitly granted In This Agreement Are The Property Of Delvricabs, As Well As Delvricabs’s Licensors.

Third-Party Services And Content.

Delvricabs Platform Delvricabs Platform Can be made available or accessible in connection with third party Services and Content (Including advertising) that Delvricabs Doesn’t Control. You understand that different terms of Use and Privacy Policies could apply to the use of these third Service and Content. Delvricabs Doesn’t endorse the services or Content, and in no event will Delvricabs be responsible or Responsible for any products or Services of such third party Providers.

 In addition, Apple Inc., Google, Inc., and/or their Applicable International Subsidiaries and Affiliates are Third Party Beneficiaries of This Agreement if you access the Delvricabs Platform through applications developed for Apple IOS Or Android-Powered Mobile Devices They are also referred to as. The Third-Party Beneficiaries are Not parties to this contract and They are not responsible for the Service or Support of the Delvricabs Platform in any manner. Your Access to The Delvricabs Platform by using these Services or Applications is Subject to the conditions set forth in the Applicable Third Party Beneficiary’s Terms of Service.

Delvricabs Platform Ownership.

Delvricabs Platform and All Rights Therein. Delvricabs Platform As Well As the rights therein are and Will Continually Be Delvricabs’s Property or the Ownership of Delvricabs’s Licensors. No part of this agreement nor your Utilization of the Delvricabs Platform Convey Or grant to You any rights: (I) In Or related to the Delvricabs Platform Except For the Limited License granted above or (Ii) to use or Refer to in any manner Delvricabs’s company names logos, product and Trademarks, Service Names, Service Marks or those of Delvricabs’s Licensors.

Provision of the Services.

You Acknowledge that a portion of the Services Could Be Made Available under Delvricabs’s different brands or Request Options, which include Transportation Demand Brands, The Logistic Request Brands, and the E-Wallet brand.
You also acknowledge that the Services may be made available under these brands or request options through or in connection with:

  • Certain Affiliates or
  • independent third Party Contractors,
  • including Transportation Network Company Drivers Or Holders of similar Transportation Permits and Authorizations.

It’s at Delvricabs’s discretion which brands or Request Options are made Available to You.

Utilization of the Delvricabs Platform

User Accounts

To be able to use the majority of Features of The Delvricabs Platform It is necessary to sign up and maintain an active Account for Your Personal Account (“Account”). You must be at least 18 years old to Get A User Account. Account Registration requires you to submit to Delvricabs certain personal information like your Name Address, Phone Number, Gender and Age. You agree to maintain accurate Complete, Up-to-Date, and Up-to-Date Information in Your Account.

 If You Do Not Maintain Accurate Complete, Complete, and up-to-date Account Information may result in Your inability to access and Utilize The Delvricabs Platform which includes Your Ability to request access to Your Personal Information or to opt out or in to Marketing Preferences, or Delvricabs’s termination of this Contract with You.

You agree to maintain the security and confidentiality of your Account’s Password and Username at all times. You acknowledge and agree that You are responsible for all activities that occur under your Account, Including as A result of loss or damage to the device that you use to access the Delvricabs Platform.
Unless Permitted In Other Ways By Delvricabs in writing You may only have one Account.

User Requirements and Conduct.

This Delvricabs Platform is Not Accessible to Users who are under 18 and may only be Utilized by those who are able to create legally binding contracts under Applicable Law. You may not authorize third parties to use your account It is also not possible to permit anyone under the age of 18 to receive transportation Services from Captains unless they are accompanied by You or another adult. It is Your responsibility to wear Helmets at all times while using the Micro-Mobility Service. 

The Micro-Mobility Device Can Be reserved by you for minors As Long as they are at least 15 years old and Are Permitted to Use the product in the intended Way in accordance with the applicable laws in Your State of Jurisdiction. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that the minor wears a Helmet at all Times and also performs Safety Checks on the Micro-Mobility product prior to use. It is your responsibility to educate the minor on the laws that apply to them in their use of the Product and be able to supervise their use at all times. You are the sole and only responsible for the actions of Minors You Make A Reservation for and their use of the Micro-Mobility products.

You may not assign or otherwise transfer your account to anyone else or to any entity. You Agree to abide by all Applicable Laws when you use the Delvricabs Platform. You are only permitted to use the Delvricabs Platform to fulfill lawful Uses. You must not, for the Avoidance of doubt, use the Delvricabs Platform to Transport or facilitate the Transport of banned or illegal substances or items.

 It is not your intention to, in Your Use of The Delvricabs Platform cause Anger, Discomfort or property damage In any way, whether to A Captain, a Third Party Providers or any other person. In certain situations, You might be required to provide Identification Proof to Access or use the Delvricabs Platform, And You Agree That You Could Be denied access or use of the Delvricabs Platform If You Are Refusing to Provide Proof Of Your Identity.

 Failure to comply with the Conditions Of This Section or of Section 5 may result in us taking certain actions towards You, which may include but Not Being Limited to:

  • Immediate, Permanent or Temporary Withdrawal of Your Rights To Use The Delvricabs Platform
  • Legal Action against You, including proceedings for reimbursement of all costs incurred (Including but not limited to, Reasonable Administrative and Legal Costs) In the event of a breach
  • Disclosure of the Information to Law Enforcement Authorities, if We Consider Necessary.
  • The immediate, temporary or permanent removal of any material or posting uploaded by You to Our Service.

Bundles, Promotions, Credits, and Referral Programs.

Delvricabs, in its All-Round Decision, may offer promotions available to any user or potential user. The Promotions, unless made to You, will have Nothing to do with your Contract or Relationship with Delvricabs. Promotions may in some instances be made available to you Through Alpha Numeric Coupons (“Promo codes”). Delvricabs Reserves The Rights to Withhold or Deduct Credits or benefits derived from A Promotion in the event that Delvricabs determines or believes that the Redemption of the Promotion Or Recipient Of The Credit or Benefit was in error, fraudulent, illegal or in violation of The Promotion’s Terms and Conditions or This Agreement.

You agree that Promo Coupons:

  • Must Be Utilized For The Specified Audience and Purpose, and in A Legal Manner
  • Cannot be duplicated, sold or transferred in any way, or made available to the general Public Whether posted to A Public Form Or Not) If not expressly permitted by Delvricabs;
  • Can be disabled by Delvricabs at any time at any time without liability to Delvricabs;
  • Can Only be used pursuant to the specific terms that Delvricabs establishes for such Promo Codes;
  • Are Not Redeemable For Cash (Vi) Can expire prior to the date of use. (Vii) Delvricabs May establish additional terms for certain promotions. Delvricabs reserves the right to deduct or withhold credit or other benefits obtained through the use of Promo Coupons by You or any other person in the Event that Delvricabs determines or believes that the use or redemption of the Promo Code Was Not In a Correct Way or fraud or in violation of This Agreement. Applicable Promo Code Terms or This Agreement.

In Your Users Account Delvricabs may provide You with or Allow You to create A “Delvricabs Code”,” A Unique Alphanumeric Code to distribute to Family, Friends and Other people (Each A “Referred User”) In order to enable them to sign up as new users (“Referred users”) or Captains (“Referred Captains”).

 Delvricabs Codes may only be distributed for promotional purposes and must be given away for free. You are not allowed to sell or trade your Delvricabs Coupon. You are not permitted to advertise Delvricabs Codes, which includes but Not Only On Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing And Craigslist Or on any other Digital Platform or Website owned or controlled by You or Anyone else. 

Delvricabs reserves the right to cancel or deactivate any Delvricabs Code at any Moment in Delvricabs’s sole discretion.
In Your User Account As A Part Of Your User Account, Delvricabs may provide you with Access to A feature in the Delvricabs Application that allows you to: (

  1. Manage Payment for Services;
  2. Create and Store the credit balance that you have paid (“Delvricabs Credit”) or
  • Credit from Delvricabs Credit to or receive Delvricabs Credit from other users in exchange for payment of any Delvricabs Fees, and subject to any restrictions on the amount of Transfers or the Amount of Delvricabs Credit You Are Able To Send or Receive, The Limits and Fees Could be modified by Delvricabs from time to time.

When you transfer Delvricabs credit balance to Other Users, The Balance transferred and the Applicable Delvricabs fees (If any) are deducted from Your Account Balance. Account Balance and transferred to the new user. After the request for the Transfer of Delvricabs Credit is Completed and the transfer cannot be Reversed, canceled or otherwise. 

You Agree that in providing you with this feature, Delvricabs Is Merely facilitating the transfer of Delvricabs credit balance, and is not in any way responsible for the actions of the individual Customers, including the Reason for which Delvricabs Credit is transferred to or by You.

You may be eligible to purchase Bundles of Delvricabs Credit (“Delvricabs Bundles”) Or you could receive Travel Discounts (“Trip discounts”) or discounts on Service (“Service Discounts”) Which You Can Apply towards the payment of certain Services provided by Delvricabs or Fees Charged by Delvricabs in connection with the Services.

Delvricabs Bundles, Delvricabs Credits Trip Discounts, Service Discounts Only Valid for use on the Delvricabs Platform. They are not redeemable or transferable for cash and can only be used for certain services. 

Delvricabs Bundles and Trip Discounts as well as Service Discounts are not able to be combined or combined. If the Cost of your ride exceeds the Applicable Discount or Credit Value, we will charge your payment method on file for the remaining cost of the trip.

Additional restrictions on Delvricabs Bundles Delvricabs Credits Service Discounts and Trip Discounts may apply as communicated to you in A relevant promotion or specific Conditions. Delvricabs may cancel or alter the terms regarding any Delvricabs Bundles Delvricabs credit, Service Discounts, or Trip Discounts at any point in Its sole discretion.

At times, Delvricabs May Offer you incentives to Refer new users to the Delvricabs Community (The “Referral Program”). These incentives could be in the form of Delvricabs Credits or Trip Discounts, as well as Service Discounts. Delvricabs can set or Modify the Types of Incentive and amounts, terms Restrictions, requirements for qualification for any incentives in its sole discretion.

Reward Period.

Rewards are offered at the sole discretion of Delvricabs. They may also be changed from time to time. Rewards and Participating Partners may vary from Market to Market and may be added or removed at the sole discretion of Delvricabs. You may redeem points in exchange for donations or rewards (As applicable) Anytime as stated on the app. When you redeem points, Delvricabs shall settle the equivalent or Agreed Sum (If Applicable) With The Participating Partner and cancel its obligation to You for the same. When you redeem rewards, you confirm You Have Accepted the Terms of The Program.
Delvricabs has the right to add, change Limit, Modify, or Removing Program Rules Regulators, Rules, And Regulations for earning and redeeming Rewards Points Reward Levels, Rewards Redemption Levels, Benefits, Processes and Tier Statuses, As Well As Program Partners at any time, without prior notice Although such changes could Affect the status of a member’s Tier and the value of points already Accumulated or the Ability to use Accumulated points, or the Ability to receive certain Rewards.

Delvricabs Might, Among Others:

  1.  Increase Or Reduce The Number Of Points Earned for A Specific Action, or The amount of money spent or the Number of Points Required for A Rewards.
  2. Withdraw, limit, modify, or cancel any reward
  3. Add Blackout dates, limit availability for any reward, or Limit the Availability of Rewards
  4. Change Program Rewards’ Benefits or Its Partners, Terms Of Participation, Rules for Redeeming, Earning, Keeping or forfeiting points or rules governing the use of Rewards.
  5. Modify or cancel Rewards; and
  6. Change the rules regarding the Tier Statuses which include but are not limited to

Rules for achieving

A Level Status the Duration and Expiry Rules of The Tier Status, and the benefits derived when you reach A Level of Tier Status.
Delvricabs Does Not Provide warranties or representations, either expressed or implied, and Refuse to assume any liability (Including consequential damages) Concerning the The Type, Timeliness, Cost or the quality of the products or services offered through The Program.
If a Participating Rewards Partner Irregularly denies A User Accrual or Benefit, the Liability of Delvricabs Will Be Limited to the Equivalent Value in Rewards Points, the Accrual or Benefit, as It is determined solely by Delvricabs.
The Program has no predetermined date for its termination and may continue until the time that Delvricabs Chooses To End The Program, at any Moment, with or without Notice. If the Program Is Discontinued all unredeemed points or Tier Status Benefits Will Be forfeited without obligation or Haftung, and no Awards Claims or Tier Status Benefits will be honored after the end of any notice period.
Delvricabs reserves the right to revoke A user’s access to the Program and to revoke any and All Delvricabs Rewards Points earned by any member who appears to be Utilizing The Program in A manner that is not in accordance with the Terms or the Intent of The Program, or any part thereof.

The reasons include but are not limited to:

 1)) Infractions to these Terms and Conditions;

2) Misrepresentation Of Any Information or any misuse of this Program

3) Infraction Of Any National, State Or Local Law or Regulation In Relation with the Use of This Program 4) Commission Of Fraud Or Abuse in connection with any part of This Program.

5) Action, in any other manner, to the Refusal of The Program Or any of its stakeholders

The Terms and Conditions of Use are as follows: All as Required by Delvricabs in its sole Decision.
In addition, Infractions, Abuse or Fraud in relation to Rewards Points and The Status Of Credit, Tiers, or Reward Usage is subject to Appropriate Legal And/or Administrative Reactions by Appropriate Authorities or Delvricabs.

This includes, without Exclusion, the Forfeiture of all Point Transfers, Rewards and Tier Status Awards issued pursuant to Point Redemptions and Any Accrued Points in Your Account In addition, the cancellation of your Account.

The earning and redemption of Rewards Points are subject to the local Laws and Regulations. They are provided in good faith. However , they may not be In Stock or Subject to Modification if Prohibited or Restricted Under the applicable law or regulation.
Different Terms and Conditions could apply to your reservation or purchase of goods and Services, Or Rewards You Choose. 

Take the time to review these Terms and Conditions thoroughly. You agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Purchase From Any Company with which you decide to deal. You acknowledge that any violation Of The Supplier’s Rules and restrictions could result in Your being denied access to The Product or Service in question or in your forfeiting any Payments for the Product or Service.

Community Support for the Community

In the course of Delvricabs’s Assistance to Our Communities, and to the Captains who operate on our Platform Delvricabs may introduce new features available that allow you to direct Delvricabs to help our Communities in various ways. These Features may be altered and updated from time date; may not be available in all Areas or Markets and those that are in use at any time may be subject to removal or modification. Delvricabs reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or modify these features at any moment without prior notice, For any reason at its sole discretion, and without A Haftung.
The burning of Delvricabs Credits or Rewards Points in the manner described above is irreversible. Delvricabs Offers No Warranty or representations, either expressed or implied in relation to Any of the Aforementioned Methods of Support The Company expressly disclaims any Hafting (Including consequential damages) Regarding the Timeliness and Cost, Quality, Or the fitness of any goods or services that are provided in relation to the same.


When you sign up as a user In registering as a user, you consent to receiving Communication from us, which may be by text message, E-Mail or calls as well as push Notifications. You acknowledge that text messages or pre-recorded messages may be generated by automated telephone dialing Systems (Where allowed by and in compliance with local Law). 

Communications from Delvricabs and its Affiliated companies and/or Captains could include but aren’t limited to: Operating communications regarding your Account or Use of the Delvricabs Platform. Account or use of the Delvricabs Platform or Services, Information regarding New and existing features on the Delvricabs Platform and Communications concerning promotions conducted by us or our third-party Partners, as well as news concerning Delvricabs as well as Industry Developments. The standard text messaging charges imposed by your Cell Phone Carriers will apply to text messages We send. If You No Longer Wish To Receive Promotional Or Marketing-Related Communications By Text Message, Please Contact Info@Delvricabs.com And/Or Review The Privacy Policy For Further Information.

Charges and Payments

In Your Role as A Customer, you agree to pay all amounts imposed by Delvricabs (The “Delvricabs Fee”) (If It is applicable in Your State of Residence) As well as any charges imposed by Captains or any other independent third Party Providers for Providing Services to Users (“Charges”).

Following the receipt of services from A Captain or other independent third party provider, Delvricabs:

  • may facilitate your payment of the Charges Expired on behalf of the Captain as The Captain’s limited Payment Collection Agent and
  • (Ii) may collect any applicable Delvricabs Fee directly from You or, in the case of A Pay in cash, from the relevant Captain. 

The Payment of the Charges and Delvricabs Fees In The above manner will in all instances be considered the same as the Direct Payment made by the Captain or any other third party independent provider or to Delvricabs In The Event That Delvricabs Is Applicable.

 Charges and Delvricabs Fees Are inclusive of Applicable taxes as required by Law, which includes Sales Tax or VAT. Charges and Delvricabs Fees Payed By You are Final and Non-Refundable, unless otherwise determined by Delvricabs.
All Charges and Delvricabs Fees Must Be Paid immediately. Payment will be made by Delvricabs using the preferred Method of Payment outlined in your Account, Following which Delvricabs or A Captain, as appropriate They Will Provide You With A Receipt via Email.

 If Your Account’s Primary Payment Method is Determined to Be Invalid, Expiring, or otherwise not able to be charged, you agree that Delvricabs may, on its own behalf, and as the Captain’s limited payment Collector, Utilize A Second Payment Method Within Your Account, if it is available.

In Relation to You and Delvricabs, Delvricabs reserves the right to establish the, modify or remove Delvricabs fees at any Moment in Delvricabs’s sole discretion. Charges can also be modified or revised at any time without your consent. Furthermore, You Acknowledge and Agree that Charges and Delvricabs fees Applicable in certain geographical Areas may increase substantially during times of high demand.

 Delvricabs will use reasonable efforts to notify you of Charges and Delvricabs Fees that could Apply to You, Providing That You are responsible for all charges and Delvricabs Fees that are incurred through Your Account regardless of your Awareness of such charges or Delvricabs Charges If Applicable or the Amounts of such charges.

Repair Or Cleaning Fees.

You are responsible for the cost of any damage to, Or Necessary Cleaning Of the Captain’s vehicles and property that result from the use of the Delvricabs Platform on Your Account in excess of normal “Wear and tear” Damages, as well as the necessary cleaning (“Repair Or Cleaning”). In the event that A Captain reports the need for repair or cleaning and The Repair or Cleaning Request is confirmed by Delvricabs at Delvricabs’s discretion, Delvricabs Reserves The the right to facilitate payment of the Reasonable Cost of Repair or Cleaning on behalf of the Captain using any of Your Payment Methods. These amounts will be transferred by Delvricabs to the Applicable Captain, and are non-refundable.

Restricted Activities

Regarding Your Use of the Delvricabs Platform And Your Participation in the Services, You agree to not:

  1.  Impersonate Any Person or Entity.
  2. Engage in a smear campaign, threaten or otherwise harass any Person (Including other users who are making simultaneous Utilization of the Service) or carry any Weapons.
  3. Do anything that is in violation of any law (Rule, Statute Regulation, Permit, Ordinance, or Regulator.
  4. Interfere with or interrupt the services or the Delvricabs Platform Or The Networks or Servers that are connected to Delvricabs Platform
  • Delvricabs Platform (V) Post or interact on Delvricabs Platform Delvricabs Platform Or With Regard to Services in A Way that is false or inaccurate, misleading (Directly or by omission or Inability to update information) or Defamatory, Harassing Infringe, Abusive, Obscene or offensive. Sexually Insane or threatening, harassing or committing a crime.
  • Use of Narcotics or Alcohol
  • Use the Delvricabs Platform In Any manner that violates any Third Right of a Third Not Only Intellectual Property Rights Copyright, Patent Trademark, Trade Secret or Other Rights of Proprietary Rights or Rights of Privacy or Publicity
  • ) Send, email or otherwise transmit any malicious code, files, or programs designed to interrupt, damage or limit the functionality of any computer software or Telecommunications Hardware In order to steal or intercept any system, data or personal information.
  • Make up Headers, or modify Identifiers to disguise the source of Information Submitted Through The Delvricabs Platform
  • “Frame” or “Mirror” Any part of the Delvricabs Platform, Without our prior written authorization, or Utilize Meta Tags, Code, or any other device that contains any reference to us in order to direct any person to another website for any purpose
  • Modifyor adapt Translate or reverse engineer, decipher or otherwise disassemble All or a portion of the Delvricabs Platform Or Any software used on or for the Delvricabs Platform
  • Rent Lease, Rent and sell, distribute or sublicense the Delvricabs Platform Or Access to any portion of the Delvricabs Platform
  • Use any robot, spider Site Search/Retrieval Software or any other manual or Automated Device or Process to Find, Index, Scrape “Data Mining”, or In any other way duplicate or circumvent the navigational structure or the presentation of the Delvricabs Platform Or Its Contents
  • Link directly or Directly to Other Websites websites
  • Transfer or sell Your User Account, Password and/or Identification to another party
  • Discriminate or Discriminate Against Anyone On The Basis of Race, National Origin or religion, gender or gender identity, physical or Mental Disabilities, Medical Situation, Marital Status or Sexual Orientation

 Then, you can cause any third Person to engage in the restricted activities above. If You Engage In Any Of The Above While Participating in The Services, A Captain Will Be Permitted to Refuse to Offer You Services, or In the event that such services have Been In Operation For A While, A Captain Will be able to refuse to Continue to Provide Services.

Disclaimers; Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

DELVRICABS AND ITS AFFILIATES and its PARTNERS WILL not be LIABLE for any indirect, incidental or SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY PUNITIVE or consequential damages that result from LOST profits, LOST DATA, PERSONAL damages to property or injuries relating to, in connection with or OTHERWISE that arise out of the use of the DELVRICABS PLATFORM OR SERVICES even if DELVRICABS HAS BEEN ADVISED of the POSSIBILITY of SUCH damages. DELVRICABS and its affiliates and its PARTNERS WILL NOT be LIABLE for any damages, LIABILITY OR LOSSES ARISING OUT of:

  • YOUR USE of or reliance on the DELVRICABS PLATFORM or the SERVICES, or your inability to access or utilize the DELVRICABS PLATFORM or Services; or
  • ) any transaction or relationship between you and any CAPTAIN, or OTHER third party provider even if DELVRICABS or its affiliates or its PARTNERS HAVE BEEN advised of the possibility of SUCH damages.

DELVRICABS and its affiliates and its partners will not be responsible for any delay or performance failures resulting from circumstances beyond our control. The CAPTAINS that provide TRANSPORTATION Services REQUESTED through certain REQUEST Brands may offer RIDESHARING or PEER-to-PEER TRANSPORTATION SERVICES, but they may not be licensed or authorized by a professional. In NO WAY SHALL DELVRICABS’S OR an AFFILIATE’S OR A PARTNER’S entire liability to you be relation to the DELVRICABS PLATFORM the Services, any website or APPLICATION connected to them, any material posted on the foregoing or the acts or OMISSIONS of OTHER Partners for all damages or losses, and for any cause of actions exceed 2,000,000 UNITED US DOLLARS or a similar amount in a different currency.
The DELVRICABS PLATFORM MAY BE utilized by you to REQUEST and schedule the services with Captains, but you agree that DELVRICABS, ITS AFFILIATES, OTHER PARTNERS HAVE NO obligation or LIABILITY to you in connection with any service offered to you by CAPTAINS OTHER that as EXPRESSLY stipulated in this agreement. The limitations and disclaimers in the Section 6 do not mean to limit the liability of a party or alter your rights as a CONSUMER , WHICH CAN NOT BE EXCLUDED under the law applicable to you.


You Agree to indemnify and hold Delvricabs as well as its Affiliates and Restaurant Partners and Other Partners as well as their officers Directors, Employees, And Agents, Free Of All Demands, Claims and Liabilities, as well as any losses, and expenses (Including the cost of attorneys’ fees) Based on or in connection with:

  • Your Use of the Delvricabs Platform and the Services or Goods obtained through your use of Delvricabs Platform;
  • Your Use Of The Delvricabs Platform.
  • The breach or violation of this Agreement Or
  • Your violation of the rights of any third Parties, including Captains.

General Rules On Competitions, Contests And Giveaways
If not stated otherwise In the event of a conflict, Delvricabs will conduct all competitions, contests and Contests (Each A “Competition”) According to the Terms outlined in this Section When you participate in A Competition, Each Participant or Participant (“Entrant”) agrees to The Rules, regardless of whether or not any additional specific terms apply to the Competition.
When Participating in A Contest, The Participant may be eligible for a Prize that is outlined in the Promotional Materials (The “Prize”). Delvricabs may reject an Entry Upon Its Own Decision Insofar As Such Rejection Is Not In Conflict With Applicable Law.
The Prize is Non-Transferable It is also non-exchangeable and no cash Alternatives Are Available. In the event of A Prize Not Being Available, Delvricabs reserves the right to provide an alternative prize of equal or greater value In the event that circumstances beyond Delvricabs’s control make it necessary to offer it. To the extent permitted by Law, The Winner of the Competition is responsible for any and all taxes incurred in the course of receiving the Prize.

Participation in a competition does Not Mean That the Winner Has Been Selected. The Entry that is Winner (The “Competition winner”) will be selected by a random draw (Performed by a computer or supervised by an independent Third Parties) or by a Panel of individuals who will be judging the entries. Reasonable efforts will be made to contact the Competition Winner, however If The Winner of the Competition Cannot be reached or does not respond to Delvricabs’s message within the Date and Time Frame, Delvricabs Reserves The the right to award the prize to the next entrant eligible. Delvricabs is Not Responsible If The Prize Can Not Reach the Winner of The Competition Due to reasons beyond Delvricabs’s reasonable control.

Without prejudice to the “Disclaimers Limitation of Liability and indemnity” Section, neither Delvricabs, nor any affiliates or Partners Participating in A Contest Will Take Responsibility or be held liable for any errors Intentions, Mistakes, Interruptions Incomplete, or Unauthorized Access to Competition Entry Information, or Entry Loss or Delay, Whether They Are A result of Server Functions, Viruses, bugs, or other causes outside of Delvricabs’s or an Affiliate’s and/or A Partner’s control. In no case shall Delvricabs’s AND/OR AN AFFILIATE’S AND/OR A PARTNER’S LIABILITY TO any participant for all damages or losses, as well as the causes of actions arising from any competition or any material published in connection with a contest exceed the amount of the prize.

Delvricabs reserves the right to cancel or amend the Competition and Any Terms and Conditions. Any changes will be communicated to all participants as quickly as is practical. If these terms do not seem to clearly, Cater For A Solution to any matter that might arise, then Delvricabs Will Have the Complete Right to make a final decision on any such issue. Delvricabs’s decisions on any Part of the Competition is final and binding. The Competition will not be entered in relation to it.

Dispute Resolution
You acknowledge that in the event of a dispute or controversy arising from or in connection with this agreement or the breach or termination, enforcement or Interpretation of the Agreement or The Use of The Delvricabs Platform or Service (Collectively, “Disputes”) will be settled by binding Arbitration Between You and any relevant affiliate in your Jurisdiction, Or between You and Delvricabs If There Is No other Affiliate is incorporated in Your Jurisdiction, notwithstanding that each party retains the right to seek injunctive or other Redress in A Court of Competent Jurisdiction In order to prevent the actual or threatened infringement, misappropriation or Infringement of A Parties Copyrights, Trademarks and Trade Secrets Patents, other intellectual Property Rights. You agree and acknowledge that You and Delvricabs are each waiving the right to A Trial By Jury or to be a part of A Plaintiff or Class in any alleged class action or Representative Proceding. Furthermore, unless Both You and the relevant affiliate agree in writing, the Arbitrator Cannot Consolidate More than one person’s claims In addition, he/she may not preside over any form of any representative or class proceeding. If this specific paragraph is declared unenforceable, then the entire “Dispute Resolution” Section is deemed Invalid. Other than as provided in the Previous Sentence, This “Dispute Resolution” Section will survive any Ending of This Agreement. The “Dispute Resolution” Section Applies to all Disputes (As defined below) between You and Delvricabs and/or any of Delvricabs’s Affiliates.

Other Dispositions Choice Of Law.

This Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with The Laws of The Jurisdiction Within Which The Relevant Affiliate is incorporated without giving effect to any conflict Of Law Principles, Except in the event that they are otherwise provided in Additional Terms Applied to Your Area.
Claims Of Copyright Infringement.
Claims Of Copyright Infringement Should Be Sent To Apni Sawar At Contact@Delvricabscabs.Com.
Delvricabs may give notice Through A General Notice on the Delvricabs Platform Electronic Mail To Your Email address in your Account, or by Written Notice sent to your address that is set in your Account. You May Give Notice To Delvricabs By Written Communication To Delvricabs’s Email Address At info@Delvricabscabs.Com.


You Are Not Able To Assign or Transfer Your Rights under this Agreement in Whole or In Part without Delvricabs’s prior written Approval. You give your consent to Delvricabs to assign or transfer its rights and obligations under this Agreement in whole or in part This includes:

  • A Subsidiary or affiliate;
  • an Acquirer of Delvricabs’s equity and/or assets
  • A Successor By Merger; or
  • A Successor By Merger. Aucune Joint Venture, Partnership, Employment Or Agency Relationship exists between you, Delvricabs Or Any Captain as A result of the Agreement between You and Delvricabs or the Use of Delvricabs’s Platform. Delvricabs Platform.

If Any Provision of This Agreement Is Found To Be illegal, invalid or unenforceable In whole or in Part, in accordance with any law The Provision or Part thereof will to that Extent be deemed not to be a part of the Agreement. But the legality, validity and enforceability of the other Terms of this Agreement Will not be affected. In that case, the Parties will replace the unlawful or invalid provision or part thereof with a Part or Provision of the Agreement that is Legal, Valid and Effective, and that has the greatest extent Possible, the Same Effect Similar to the Illegal, Unconstitutional or unenforceable provision Of It, In Light of The Specifics and Purpose of This Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the complete Agreement and Understanding Between The Parties with respect to its subject matter and replaces and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements or undertakings relating to such Subject The Subject Matter.